cue the trumpets!

it's finally here! this is what i've been waiting for. for a  l o n g  time. it's a love i've had since my teens...when i'd bust out the disposable camera and try to take artsy pictures of anything and everything. (if you're one of my sisters, you know what i'm talking abouta creative passion fostered by my photographer father, who taught us how to process photos the old fashioned way: in dimly lit red darkrooms. taking pictures is something i'm head-over-heels in love with. seeing things in from new perspectives and learning how to capture life in new ways. 

and i'm crazy excited (and slightly terrified) to take this leap of faith and share something i'm passionate about with other people. hopefully they (or you!) are inspired by these little frozen moments in time and maybe even fall in love with blue house fotos.


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  1. It's gorgeous!! Congratulations! I'm excited to get things started over here on the West Coast :D Beautiful pics, Rutheah!