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what do you do when you're 130 miles from home and 
you're running a smidge late to a session and then your tire blows out? 
yes. that happened en route to the rhone's house...
and jasa was kind enough to hop into his truck and come help the stranded photographer. 

after that craziness, i got to hangout with this adorable family in their beautiful new home 
and capture them doing the things they do everyday:
snugglin' and reading books, playing blocks with sweet adrian, 
cooking in the kitchen, sipping coffee on the front porch. 
lifestyle sessions don't come around often and 
this one had to be one of my favorite family sessions ever.  
to freeze their sweet little moments of everyday life made my heart happy. :)

oh, and momma katie is pregnant with........well you can see for yourself!
check out their adorable gender reveal photos. 

thank you katie and jasa for letting me come to your house 
and for being sweet enough to help me in a time of need. :) 
loved hanging out with you guys. 

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