seeing the beauty

this won't be a typical post. no images to share...just words...raw & real.

i had the opportunity last week to see the real beauty behind my job. i got to capture love. love in it's truest and purest form for a family who had stillborn twin girls. at first, i wasn't sure i could do it. i prayed that god would help me be strong for them...strong enough to focus on the beauty of his creation. strong enough to preserve the memory of their precious, sweet lives in a way that their family could cherish forever. it was hard. seeing pain is not easy for anyone...but after pain comes the long road to healing and i pray for this family that they will soon begin to heal from their terrible loss. please pray for this special family. there is hopefully some comfort in knowing their sweet girls are being cradled in the arms of their Maker.

the images i took are ones that show their family's unending love. their pain. and the beauty of god's creation. images that will be the memories of their sweet girls that they will use to heal. and love. that is exactly why i do what i do. preserving glimpses of emotion into tangible images that last forever.

take a little moment to be grateful and thankful for the beauty that is always around us.

may your unfailing love be my comfort... psalm 119:76

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  1. Beautiful. I know my brother cherishes the photos of his little girl who they never got to see grow up. Your gift to this family is beyond comprehension.