randall family

this is the randall family. their photos probably make you 
wonder if they are indeed as adorable and sweet as they look. 
yes. they absolutely are. 

we met them at church on valentines day 2010 and they blindly invited us to lunch. and we lunched for FOUR hours...and then we all went to target together. best family blind date ever! it was like we had always known them. we clicked. we learned we share lots of common interests and goals and in the short time that lauren and i have been friends, she has become like another sister to me.
i heart her. 

needless to say, i was thrilled to do family pics for them. they belong in a magazine. and at times, i felt like i was doing engagement pictures because nate and lauren are just so in love. 
i could just go on and on about them forever, but i suppose you'd like to get on the the photos. :) 

thank you, friends for braving the possibility of mountain lions 
and mosquitos to let me capture your precious family! 

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