greg and kathleen {celebrating 37 years of love}

getting to capture true moments of love is one of my favorite things. 
photographing new love is very inspiring and beautiful, 
but capturing a love that has lasted over 37 years is such a special thing. 

greg and kathleen deeply devoted to each other. 
they are the kind of people who light up a room with their love...you can see that it radiates from their souls. they are not just in love with each other, but deeply in love with their Creator. 
they have a true everlasting bond that can withstand time. 
i am so captivated by their example of what it means to be a devoted, Godly spouse. 

thank you both for allowing me to capture a thing that is certainly rare in this day and age. 
you two are jewels. :) 

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1 comment:

  1. These are beautiful pictures. So well captured!
    Congratulations to Greg and Kathleen :)
    Christina sent me over, just wanted to say Hi :)